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  1. My co-workers and I went here after work on the 31st of July and had a drink and wings. I really enjoyed the wings and the drinks. We were impressed by all the great specials that was offered during happy hour throughout the week. We were making plans to come back until the outside waitress Brittany ruined our mood WITH HER NASTY ATTITUED. I ASKED FOR A MENU AND SHE TOTAL IGONORED WHAT I SAID UNTIL I SAID TO MY CO-WORKER THAT WE MAY JUST HAVE TO ASK SOMEONE ELSE FOR A MENU AND THAT IS WHEN BRITTANY TURNED AROUND AND STATED “THE MENUS ARE RIGHT THERE AND THE BARTENDER WILL GET IT WHEN SHE IS FINISHED WITH THE OTHER CUSTOMERS” HER ATTITUDE WAS VERY NASTY OVER A GETTING A MENU. SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT ATTUTIED TO BE A WAITRESS IF SHE IS NOT WILLING TO HELP HER CO-WORKER BY GETTING A MENU.

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